A well-designed of guestroom will appreciate your guests who welcoming and comfortable. It is to serve as a quick reference guide, outlining basic common sense of how to create your hotel room that any guest will appreciate.

  • Perfect ambiance
  • Right hotel furniture
  • Soft Bedding
  • Ample lighting
  • Luggage bench
  • Comfortable Seat
  • Technology Trends
  • Bring your designs to life
hotel guestroom furniture
  • Perfect ambiance
Whether your hotel is high-end luxury or budget-friendly, your guests are going to expect it to go for comfort, warmth, convenience, and a homier feel. The design of a hotel is ultimately what speaks to the brand’s image and persona.
  • Right hotel room furniture
If you’re in the hospitality industry, you know how important it is to have just the right hotel furnishings. Hotel furniture needs to be stylish, comfortable, and practical. It also needs to be a good value. A comfortable bed is probably one of the most important criteria that will determine the hotel guest’s quality of stay. Soothing and Restful A good hotel is also capable of providing that “at home” soothing and relaxing sensation. Hotel guests want pieces that are functional, streamlined, and easy to use. A comfortable bed, a strategically positioned desk, and a wardrobe will all make the room easier to use in the best possible way. Furniture that lacks the necessary functionality is going to get visitors aggravated.
  • Ample lighting
It is vital to have easy access to adequate lighting. There should be lighting by the bed to read, watching tv, and work. Guests should be able to turn on a light upon entering the room, so they’re able to quickly assess their surroundings. A bonus, provide a nightlight. Hotel rooms are often unfamiliar surroundings, and accidents can (and likely will happen) when your guests can’t see well enough to find their way in the dark.
  • Soft bedding
Soft sheets that do not irritate the skin, the right pillow, the type of fibers used, and thread count are just a few things that go into making a perfect sleep experience. In a travel survey, 78% of respondents said they feel hotels must offer comfortable beds and soft bedding.
  • A luggage bench
The luggage bench has become a multi-functional fixture in the guestroom. In today’s modern hotel, it is very convenient for packing or unpacking. A well-designed luggage bench can also come in handy even if you cannot provide enough storage. It can also serve as an additional surface for seating.
  • Comfortable Seat
Who doesn’t love a comfy chair where you can kick your feet up? Design a cozy space where your guest can retreat, read a book, or sit quietly.
  • Technology Trends
Built-in USB charging stations & wireless charging
Smart speaking devices (think Amazon Echo)
Smart Controls – Apps that control everything from opening your door to room temperature to room service with a tablet
  • bring your designs to life
As a manufacturer, we are often brought into a project after the design is complete. Now you may be wondering what’s the most important of them. Well, simply put, the design must be brought to life. Work with Henar Hotel Furniture manufacturer will make your job easy.

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