Small space furniture for hotel is sacrificing space, not quality. 
What was the hospitality owner thinking? Small space rooms equal more rooms for more revenue. A study by Harris Group found that 72% of travelers prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things.
The average hotel room size has decreased over the last few decades, from about 375 sq.Ft. To 325 sq. Ft. famed boutique hotelier Ian Schrager opened his new flagship Public New York Hotel with guest rooms ranging in size from 205 to 220 square feet. In New York City alone, there’s also Yotel, with its futuristic designs and rooms measuring around 170 square feet. Newcomer Arlo Hotels has rooms measuring no more than 165 square feet, the new brands like Pod Hotels coming in at a minuscule 72 sq. Ft.
Thinking about when you stay at the hotel guestroom, how often do you use the vast walk-in-wardrobe? The Minibar, the dresser? How about even the nightside stand drawer? Not often, correct?
small hotel room furniture
9 Tips for small hotel room design
  • Natural light
  • Light color tend to make a room feel bigger
  • Multi-functional opening wardrobe
  • Sliding bathroom door
  • Full-length mirror
  • Floating nightstand
  • Nightstand becomes a desk
  • Mood lighting
Natural light
Use windows as a focal point in your design, emphasizing natural light sources will make your room brighter. A sunlight room also feels more open and helps eliminate shadows.
Light color tend to make a room feel bigger
Light grey
Neutral cream color
Soft yellow
Light blue
These colors can make a room feel more spacious and balance any bold colors in the room.
Multi-functional opening wardrobe
A well-design wardrobe can be a closet, luggage cabinet, mini bar, and safe storage unit.
Sliding bathroom door
The sliding bathroom door and traditional hinged door are achieving the same purpose, but the sliding door takes less space and is stylish.
Full-length mirror
The simplest way to enhance the natural light in a room is to place a mirror, where it will create the illusion of more depth in the space.
Floating nightstand
In a small space, it’s imperative to make every square meter of floor space count. A floating nightstand gives the illusion of more floor space.
Nightstand becomes a desk
Streamlining doesn’t mean losing functionality. Designing 1 bedside floating shelf longer, it’s a desk.
Mood lighting
Lighting truly sets the mood and can enhance any space, such as a led strip behind the headboard and under the bed base.
Ample charging ports
Whether they’re business trips or family’s traveling vacations, every guest with multiple tech devices. They need outlets and data ports to charge and connect wherever they are- from bed to bathroom.
Finally, plus fluffy throw pillows, premium linens, and high-quality throw blankets,
Remember, people who want high quality and design but also want a boutique feel.
Let us help you create a space your guests will love and back time and time again.
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