Now I think we’ve all been to a hotel that didn’t have a soul.

It may have been a hellish experience or it may have been that, perhaps, it just didn’t live up to the expectations you had for this wonderful getaway, and you were disappointed.

We naturally gravitate to those hotels that have a human scale, that feels like they embrace you, that you feel at home.

Today I am not talking anything about Henar Hotel Furniture Manufacturer, I like to share those ideas with you about what the most important element of creating a hotel with soul.

The soul is defined as something intangible, not physical, it also suggests a connection to a greater spirit. So if a hotel has a soul, it would have to have a life beyond its physical walls. let’s call that soulfulness.

We’ve identified five elements of soulfulness:

  • Great Design

Great design, a sense of place a connection, or being a part of the community in which the hotel is located, and finally and most importantly that the hotel inspires great affection or love through and for the people working there.
What do we mean by a great design?
Great design can be big, it can be small. It can be luxury not luxury.
It could be modern, be not got mattered.
It can be charming, it can be intimate, it can be charismatic.
Those things are the things that make it feel a part of the destination like it belongs there.
In the best of possible worlds, the hotel fits in with the surroundings.
It lives in concert with a natural landscape or the cityscape;
It feels like it belongs there.

  • A sense of place

What do we mean by a sense of place? That the hotel becomes somehow identified with the culture, the region, or the city.
Take for example the Ritz in Paris, the Oriental in Bangkok, the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.
These are hotels that in their grandeur command your attention and have defined luxury at the highest level in those destinations, in those cities.

  •  Listen to the designers

The creators who can inspire, create these transformative places, that bring artistry and poetry into the design of the hotel.

  • Locally

Use natural resources and use local resources, local artisans.

  • Hire for passion and commitment

Embrace and allow and encourage your people to tell those stories that bring the guests closer to themselves and closer to the destination.

The designer Philippe Starck said, “a great hotel combines intelligence, culture, efficiency, comfort, and always a touch of poetry.”

If hospitality is defined as the act of being generous, friendly, and bringing in guests and strangers, then what better paradigm for us as hoteliers to be known as warm, generous, and hospitable?

Writing here, I am thinking about why shouldn’t all places of business strive to be soulful? Expect to talk with you more.